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Introducing Mjolnir: A Statement of Intent

Mjolnir is the first step in the cultural fightback against the tidal wave of leftist propaganda. Our enemies have vast financial resources at their disposal and can therefore invest in all the arts – especially that latterly invented form of Gesamtkunstwerk so conducive to indoctrinating the masses: film. We have not such means at our disposal...yet; but classical art forms are not beyond our means: graphic art, plastic art and literature are very much accessible to us. Mjolnir is a magazine set up to collate and showcase these forms of illiberal Eurocentric arts.

Our broad ideology of traditionalism within an ethnically and exclusively Occidental framework once boasted some of the greatest cultural luminaries of the twentieth century: G K Chesterton, T S Eliot, Wyndham Lewis, Ezra Pound, Evelyn Waugh, Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Josef Weinheber, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Arno Breker and J R R Tolkien, to name but a few. Politically, they represented many different positions along the thread of what can broadly be termed 'the right'; aesthetically and stylistically, they were equally as varied, with some embracing modernism and others working within given European artistic and cultural conventions; but what unites this disparate group of cultural icons is that they were all quintessentially ethnically European in the spiritual tradition.

Two major events destroyed this philosophical continuum that expressed itself in art: the Second World War and the 1960s Cultural Revolution, the former being responsible for the latter. The demonization and defeat of regimes that were deemed politically right wing (ignoring these regimes' socialist programmes) led directly to the left's demonising with impunity all right-wing politics. Right-leaning writers were increasingly dropped by publishers if they did not alter their position. Today, no truly right-wing creative writer is published by mainstream publishers. Our movement had been left virtually bereft of art. Mjolnir aims to change all that.

Why Tradition?

By tradition, we mean tradition very loosely in one sense and very strictly in another. Wyndham Lewis, Ezra Pound and T S Eliot were right when they critiqued the slavish adherence to the generation before, but yet professed that each generation ought to renew and reinvigorate their culture, based on the tradition of their predecessors and yet taking that tradition further and remaking and remodelling it for their own time. Therefore, Mjolnir stands for tradition in a strictly European sense, yet advocates the inventiveness of individual or groups of artists to remake and remodel that tradition for the present time. Mjolnir thus embraces classical, folkish and modernist forms and works of art.

Why Eurocentrism?

When we talk of tradition, we speak of the European tradition, meaning that which relates historically to the culture that has grown organically out of the ethnically European peoples, whether resident in Europe itself, or as part of the European diaspora in the Americas, Southern Africa, Australasia and beyond. Other peoples have their own ethnic cultures and arts, which are extolled at every opportunity by the leftist pseudo-intelligentsia. As the aforementioned T S Eliot said: 'Every nation, every race, has not only its own creative, but its own critical turn of mind..." It is time to reinvigorate our own.

Why Elitism?

European and Occidental society in general has become inverted from its traditional form. Everything panders to the lowest possible denominator. This is because of two interrelated obsessions of contemporary leftism: egalitarianism and globalism. Ostensibly, everything has to appeal to everyone, no matter their colour, creed, sex (including sexual preference), level of education and intelligence, or religion. I say ostensibly because everyone with a modicum of intellect knows that certain groups are, in reality, preferred above others. Leftism is the lie writ large. In any case, the right knows that equality itself is a fabrication and can only be achieved and maintained by holding back those who strive for excellence. The opposite of equality is quality. So it is with art. Quality is known instinctively: go into any art gallery and answer honestly which you prefer, Ian Davenport or J M W Turner. Mjolnir stands for quality; Mjolnir is therefore elitist and promotes spiritual elitism in all its forms.

Why Illiberalism?

Contemporary notions of liberalism have nothing to do with classical notions of liberalism. Today's liberalism is often referred to as left-liberalism and is merely anti-tradition. If the postmodern notion of liberalism is anti-tradition, it naturally follows that we are illiberal. Left-liberalism also espouses abject materialism and a negation of the spirit in its blend of communist and capitalist ideals. In any case, all forms of liberalism have the fallacy of equality at their base. Mjolnir embraces the racial spirit of the children of Europa and any religious or mythic motifs, tropes and discourses within art that relate to how that racial spirit has traditionally expressed itself. Mjolnir recognises the natural order of hierarchy and inequality that is given by natural biological and spiritual inequalities.

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