Guidelines for submission

It is a given that contributions will have to be Eurocentric in some form or other and carry our ideology, but the works themselves will and must be judged primarily as works of art no matter how much they are aligned with our politics: if it is not good enough, it doesn't go in! Contributors should also write a bit about themselves and what they tried to achieve in their work: it gets the readership thinking about art and how it works and influences people. That way, others can develop their own techniques.

Contributions need not be overtly political; indeed, the best art is often the least overtly political - a lesson the left has forgotten. Works of art can comprise any theme, range or form, yet will be borne of a series of a priori ideological assumptions. As the magazine issues progress, this will become more self-evident. Contributors are free to write under noms de plume. The magazine is written primarily in English, but written works in other European languages may be considered.

Types of art accepted

Pretty much all artforms that are possible to be included are considered for inclusion. Below is a list of mediums in which potential contributors might consider working:

  • Poetry, including prose poetry and experimental prose
  • Short stories (long short stories or novellas will be serialised)
  • Plays (preferably one-act)
  • Artistic photography
  • Pictorial and graphic art in a broad sense (either scanned or digitally photographed)
  • Sculpture, plastic art and installations (again, digitally photographed)

In addition...

There will also be additional pieces from the past canon of European art and literature that are philosophically Eurocentric. Academic articles on the arts from a Eurocentric standpoint will also be accepted. These must be properly referenced (using the MLA system) with an appropriate bibliography. However, we try to give over at least two thirds of the magazine to original creative work.

I would also advise potential contributors to avoid writing maudlin and depressive poetry. All too often the creative element of our movement seem to fall into despair about how the Occidental world has developed. The condition of the Occident is evident, and the readership do not need reminding of its degeneration and degradation needlessly. Therefore, work of this type will have to be of an exceptional standard to be included. When showcasing poetry, emphasis will be on verse that is in some way uplifting, amusing, heroic or wondrous.

As time goes on, it will become more and more apparent what is required. It is my hope that a core of elite artists will be formed over time, who will, in turn, form the backbone of a cultural movement. So, get writing, painting, sculpting and so on. All serious submissions will receive an appraisal if they do not make it into the magazine.

Anyone wishing to submit artwork should contact us prior to doing so via the form on the 'Contact' page.